Riga is the capital of Latvia and the biggest city in Baltic countries, settled on beautiful Daugava river and
near the Baltic sea. The Old Town of Riga's port is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. It's best sight is
Art Nouveau architecture. Also there are a lot of Gothic spirit buildings that are survivors of German history
stage. Summer time in Riga is relatively cool and cloudy, and winters are warm with frequent thaws. The snow
falls in December and stays until March. During summer the sun shines about 54-57 percent of the time.

Residents of Riga speaks Latvian, Russian, most of them speak English. Official currency is Euro. Just a little
drive from the capital and you will discover the Baltic sea coast – wild beaches and traditional old resorts
such as in Jurmala. You will be revealed all of the facets of multicultural Riga city.


Here you can meet European and Slavian faces, mostly – Russian and Belarussian types.