Minsk is always clean and tidy capital city of Belarus, it comes to meet with it's ambitious industrial
greatness. It was completely destroyed during the Second World War, afterwards rebuilt in 1940-1950 in
Stalinist architectural style. It can be called the city of fountains due to a big quantity of them.
Due to the geographic situation of the city it's very strongly influenced by moist air of Atlantic ocean. The
average temperature in January is -4.5 °C, the average in July is +18.5 °C. There is often fog in the city.
It's comfortable to work in Minsk for Russian citizens – you don't need a visa when crossing the border.

From Minsk to neighboring capital of Lithuania, Vilnius – is about 190 km.
Residents of Minsk mostly speak Russian, the ones wh works with foreigners are good at English.
Permissions to shoot obtained easily, creative and manufacturing facilities are cheaper then in Western
countries. The young energetic city will contribute to the success of your projects.